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digital microscope HD801
3D & 2D Digital Microscope and Measurement Systems
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  • HDMS800 HD 1080p Digital Microscope and Measurement System 2.5x237x
  • HD801 HD High Definition 1080p Digital Microscope 5x112x or 10x 224x
  • HD8TRm12 HD 1080p Digital Microscope 2x270x or 3x828x (Video) with 11.6 Retina HD Display
  • HDAF800 Auto Focus HD High Definition 1080p Digital Microscope 2x-250x
  • HDAF700 HDAF700 HD Autofocus Inspection System 2x-120x
  • HD801LDUm12 HD 1080p Digital Miscroscope with 11.6 inch Retina Display
  • Dino-Lite Digital USB Microscope
  • HD-PAD Handheld Digital Microscope 4x14x
  • HDAF100 HD Auto Focus Microscope
  • HD802 HD High Definition 1080p Digital Microscope 7x1676x
  • HD803 HD High Definition 1080p Digital Microscope 30x210x or 60x420x

Digital Mocroscope HD
HD Digital Microscopes HD101

HD 1080p Digital Microscope and
Measurement System 2.5x237x

with HDMI and USB Output

HD Digital Microscope HD801
5x-112x or 10x-224x

HD 1080p Digital Microscope
2x-59x or 4x-118x
with 11.6" Retina Display

HD Auto Focus Microscope
1080p 2x-250x
or 720p 2x-120x

HD Digital Microscopes HD102
3D HD Digital Microscope

HD Digital Microscope HD802

HD 1080p Digital Microscope
2x-270x or Video Magnification
3x-828x with 11.6" Retina Display

HD 1080 Digital Microscope
with 11.6" Retina Display

3D HD Digital Microscope HD803
30x-210x or 60x-420x

Video Measurement Software

Measurement Software

Video Measurement Inspection Systems

Dino-Lite Digital USB Microscopes

Handheld Digital Microscope

Welcome to YSC Technologies. We offers USB Digital Microscope and Measurement Systems for Medical Device, SMT and Semiconductor Applications serving best companies and universities in QA, FA, R&D and Manufacturing.
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YSC FreeScope offers digital video microscope in HD High Definition 1080p resolution, which is ideal for real time video inspection and assembly applications. The system can be configured with USB capture device VIC-USB for image and video capture or video measurement software YSC IPU for measurement applications. High intensity adjustable LED ring light with diffuser glass is standard. Other stand options and XY measurement stages are also available. Magnification ranges from 2x-100x or 4x-200x.

YSC PowerScope, MZ, M400 and NK2 series, is the ultimate USB Digital Microscope for inspection, image capture and measurement applications. System can be configured for macro 1x to high power 74,000x plus video magnification. HD high definition, USB and Video cameras are available. HD camera is available in 720p or 1080p with simultaneous video output. USB megapixel camera is available from 1.3 million to 32 million pixels. Video camera outputs are composite BNC and S-video. Video measurement software can be included for all cameras. The system can be configured with ring light dark field lighting or internal coaxial bright field lighting, and various stands including articulating arm type.

YSC 3D Microscope offers oblique angle viewing with motorized speed and directional controls. The system is ideal for viewing parts that are three dimensional in structures bigger than 0.004 inch or 0.100 mm. The standard oblique angle viewing mirror is 45 degree. The system can be configured with various camera, stand and video measurement software options. Magnification options are 50x-300x and 25x to 150x.

LCD Digital Microscope is the all in one design with integrated LCD screen, camera, lens and lighting. Small size is ideal for tight lab space. Common LCD sizes are from 7 to 10. Images can also be saved using USB capture device, internal HDD or SD card. Different XY measurement stages and measurement software options are also available.


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