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digital microscope HD801
3D & 2D Digital Microscope and Measurement Systems

HDAF700 Auto Focus HD High Definition 720p Digital Microscope 2x-120x with HDMI Output, Options for USB Drive to Capture Image and Motion Video, and Measurement


Please click here for 1080p HDAF800 Model

  • HDAF700 with VESA Mount and Integrated LED LightingOptions for USB Drive to Capture Image and Motion Video, and Measurement
  • HDAF700-BS Auto Focus HD 720p Digital Microscope SystemBlack Stand with 18 Height Adjustment, 16 Throat Depth, Integrated LED Lighting and Control Panel. Optional 24 inch Monitor shown
  • HDAF700-TS Auto Focus HD 720p Digital Microscope SystemTable Stand, Integrated LED Lighting and Control Panel. Optional 24 inch Monitor and Key Pad for Controls and Measurement shown
  • HDAF700-US Auto Focus HD 720p Digital Microscope SystemUniversal Stand, 15 Vertical Pole, Integrated LED Lighting and Control Panel. Optional 24 inch Monitor shown
  • HDAF700-UV Auto Focus HD 720p Digital Microscope SystemUniversal Stand with 25 Vertical Pole, VESA mount for Monitor, Integrated LED Lighting and Control Panel. Optional 24 inch Monitor shown


The HDAF700 is the ultimate digital microscope inspection system. This system has auto focus and high resolution HD high definition HDMI video output and can be connected to an HD monitor for real time viewing without any computer or USB interface.  The HD high definition video quality can be viewed on the HD monitor in real time without any lag or delay like the traditional USB camera, which normally runs at a much slower refresh rate. 

The HD auto focus microscope has a long working distance, which is ideal for inspection, assembly, measurement and documentation.   The response time for HD auto focus microscope is  very fast, so the real time image can be focused without any manual adjustments.  With the touch of a button, the operator can decrease or increase the magnification of the HD microscope to increase or decrease the field of view. 

The auto focus microscope has integrated auto exposure and LED lighting to produce vivid video image with great clarity and excellent color reproduction.  Both auto exposure and focus can be overridden via the manual mode if desired for some special microscope application. The operator can store up to three manually controlled exposure and focus presets using the optional keypad accessory. Different lens options can also be integrated with the auto focus microscope to increase or decrease the magnification for longer or shorter working distances. 

HD quality images and motion video can be saved or recorded with an optional USB video capture device or stand-alone DVR box.  If measurement is critical, the operator can use the optional measurement grid with the HD auto focus microscope for X and Y measurement data.  Various stands and lighting options like polarizer or fluorescent are also available.

Since the HD microscope image can be viewed by many people at the same time, the HD digital microscope is great for discussions or conference calls.  The system is ideal for production and quality control departments in automotive, aviation, clinical, electronics, engineering , forensics, medical devices, packaging & labelling, pharmaceutical, R&D and security industries.

HDAF700 Features

· Long working distance
· High definition image quality and excellent resolution
· 2x—120x zoom (with optional lens)
· Exceptional color rendition and contrast control
· Real time viewing on monitor for quality assurance and measurement functions
· High accuracy and detailed inspection
· Ergonomic design to improve operator experience and improve production efficiencies
· Convenient documentation and traceability function for quality control records 

HDAF700 Application

· Automotive
· Aviation
· Clinical
· Electronics
· Engineering
· Forensics
· Medical Devices
· Packaging & Labelling
· Pharmaceuticals
· Research and Development
· Security

HDAF700 with Universal Boom Stand

18" Height & 16" Depth Basic Stand

Universal Stand with 25" Vertical Pole
and VESA Mount for Monitor

Table Clamp Stand for HDAF700 and Monitor

Tabletop Stand



Keypad Features:
· Camera & lighting functions & settings
· Adjust object viewing position using customizable on screen crosshairs
· Magnification, auto/manual focus & exposure
· High contrast mode for enhancing objects like IC’s
· Image freeze and capture of images to PC using DVI cable
· 3 memory programmable presets


· Suitable for HDAF700 and monitor freeing up bench space
· Flexible arm for in line work and comfortable screen viewing position


Data Capture Software
· Allows you to instantly capture a full HD frame
· Images can then be used for further processing or measurement analysis
· Images can be easily stored common formats such as bitmap, JPEG, TIFF


XY Table
· The XY Table is easy to use and allows user to easily maneuver an object
· Dimensions: 41cm x 30cm (16” x 12”)


Height Adjustable Table
· Adjust the height of an object to ensure optimal viewing & magnification of an object
· Dimensions: 6”x 6” and 8”x 8” options available


Foot Switch
· Used for adjusting magnification levels


Lenses available 3+, 4+, 5+, 10+
· Lenses (52mm) available in a range of sizes to adjust magnification levels


Oblique Tilting Table
· Allows user to view an object from an oblique angle


· Includes camera and integrated lighting
· Can be mounted to any 75mm or 100mm VESA mount


· Measurement grid for XY measurement application


· HD Pad for portable live viewing, image capture and measurement.


Camera Resolution

HD 720p (1280x720)




Auto / Manual


Bench top stand:

41 cm x 24 cm x 35 cm


1.1 kg

Power Supply

100/240V, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption

8 Watts

Recommended monitor*

16:9 | HDMI

22” - 24” monitor

Zoom range *

2x to 120x  (with optional lens)

HDAF700 Lens Data




Field of View


Video Magnification on

22" HD Monitor



320mm — 420mm

447 mm — 16 mm


1.25x — 35x


12.6” — 16.5“

17.6” — 0.63”






195mm — 250mm

279mm — 10mm


2x — 55x


7.7” — 9.8”

11” — 0.4”






165mm — 200mm

224mm — 9mm


2.5x — 60x


6.5” — 7.9”

8.8” — 0.36”






95mm — 100 mm

102mm — 4.6mm


5.5x — 120x


3.7” — 3.9”

4” — 0.18”




MTX Measurement Software for PC (click to learn more)

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