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HD8TRm12 HD High Definition 1080p Digital Microscope 2x—270x or Video Magnification 3x —828x with 11.6” Retina HD Display
  • HD8TRLABm12
  • HD8TRLBSm12
  • HD8TRLBSm12XY Crosshair
  • HD8TRLDUm12
  • HD8TRLUSm12


HD8TRm12 is the ultimate HD high definition 1080p digital microscope with integrated 11.6 inch Retina HD Display offering superb image quality at 60 frames per second for inspection and real time viewing while maintaining the traditional eyepiece viewing option for optimal flexibility. The trinocular microscope allows simultaneous viewing of eyepiece and HD video at the same time. High resolution 6 mega pixels (3264x1836) images and 1080p full motion video can be saved direct to SD card for documentation, training and communication with other engineers or colleagues. NO computer needed! The camera has dual HDMI and USB output for optional direct connection to computer via USB port for video measurement application and also direct image and video capture to computer. Full camera settings can be easily adjusted with a mouse, which is interfaced directly with HD camera.

The HD8TRm12 HD digital microscopes offer long working distance from 1.0 inch to 11.3 inch with good clearance for assembly or rework applications. Possible optical magnification is from 2x to 270x with combination of different eyepiece (10x, 15x, 20x, 25x and 30x) and auxiliary lens (0.3x, 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.5x and 2x). Viewing angle can be changed from top down to oblique side profile by tilting focus holder. Integrated 11.6 inch Retina HD Display with adjustable viewing angle eliminates monitor foot print on work bench. With 11.6 inch HD monitor, possible video magnification is from 3x to 828x. The microscope system can also connect with 24 inch HD monitor for possible 7x to 1716x video magnification. Diagonal Field of View range is from possible 0.35mm to 91mm (0.015 inch to 3.58 inch). High intensity LEDs with adjustable dimmer offers bright and uniform lighting.

The HD microscope inspection system is available with various microscope stands like articulating arm stand, basic stand, back lighting stand, dual arm ball bearing sliding stand, or universal stand. Articulating arm stands can be mounted using clamps to work bench edge or hard mount to table surface. In addition to video measurement software, X-Y measurement stage with cross hair on monitor screen is also a popular option for routine measurement applications. Other lighting options including internal coaxial lighting (bright field lighting for wafer, die or cross section), polarizer lighting, dual arm fiber light guide and fluorescent are also available. Laser pointer is also great for locating the inspection area. We can also customize the system to match your special needs.

The HD digital microscope with integrated screen can help operator with proper head and neck positon to reduce fatigue and neck stress so productivity and efficiency can be improved. Better ergonomics can help operators perform better and with higher accuracy. The HD 1080p monitor can also be used as a presentation tool to show and display quality work or for training purpose. Since everyone can see the real time image all at the same time, communication can be improved and errors can be minimized. Motion video recording is also great for archiving training videos for operators to review.

Key Benefits

» High Definition HD 1080p 60 fps video display without lag 60 fps
» Eyepiece and HD video viewing
» Healthy Ergonomics for reducing neck stress and eye fatigue
» Great Depth of Field with adjustable iris and aperture
» Long Working Distance: 1.0" to 11.3"
» Wide possible video field of view 0.35mm to 91mm (0.015 inch to 3.58 inch)
» Adjustable Viewing Angles (0 to 90 degrees)
» Real Time Full Motion HD1080p 60fps
» HD Video Display
» Integrated 11.6 inch HD Retina HD Display
» Can connect to larger HD monitors (17 inch to 80 inch) for training or presentation
» High resolution 6 mega pixels (3264x1836) images can be saved to SD card direct. NO computer needed!
» 1080p full motion video can be saved direct to SD card
» Parfocal lens so that image stays in focus when magnification is changed at same working distance
» Lens with detent click stops
» Dual USB output for direct connection to computer’s USB port
» Many stand and hardware options
» Full camera settings control
» Adjustable high intensity LEDs with diffuser plate to reduce glare
» Internal coaxial lighting (bright field lighting for wafer, die or cross section)
» Fluorescent, halogen and polarizer lighting options
» Video measurement software options


» Assembly
» Inspection
» Production
» Quality Control
» Failure Analysis
» Electronics
» Documentation
» Medical Device
» Machining CNC
» Aerospace
» Natural Science
» Semiconductor
» Biomedical Device
» Animal Surgery
» Training Video
» Measurement

Articulating Head Features

HD8TRm12 Technical Specifications

Eyepiece  10x 15x 20x 25x 30x 0.35x  video coupler 0.5x  video coupler
Body Zoom  0.67x - 4.5x Diagonal Field of View Video Magnication
per HD Monitor Size
Diagonal Field of View

Video Magnication
per HD Monitor Size

Magnification total 6.7x-45x 10x-68x 13x-90x 17x-113x 20x-135x mm inch 11.6 inch 24 inch mm inch 11.6 inch 24 inch
Auxiliary Lens 0.3x (WD=287mm/11.3 inch) 2x-14x 3x-20x 4x-27x 5x-34x 6x-41x 91 to 13.5 3.58 to 0.53 3x - 22x 7x - 45x 63.7 to 9.5 2.51 to 0.37 5x - 31x 10x - 64x 
Auxiliary Lens 0.5x (WD=177mm/7.0 inch) 3x-23x 5x-34x 7x-45x 9x-57x 10x-68x 54.6 to 8.1 2.15 to 0.32 5x - 36x 11x - 75x 38.2 to 5.7 1.5 to 0.22 8x - 52x 16x - 107x
Auxiliary Lens 0.75x (WD=117mm/4.6 inch) 5x-34x 8x-51x 10x-68x 13x-85x 15x-101x 36.4 to 5.4 1.43 to 0.21 8x - 54x 17x - 113x 25.5 to 3.8 1 to 0.15 12x - 78x 24x - 161x
Auxiliary Lens 1.0x (WD=100mm/3.9 inch) 6.7x-45x 10x-68x 13x-90x 17x-113x 20x-135x 27.3 to 4.1 1.07 to 0.16 11x - 73x  22x - 150x 19.1 to 2.8 0.75 to 0.11 15x - 104x 32x - 214x
Auxiliary Lens 1.5x (WD=47mm/1.9 inch) 10x-68x 15x-102x 20x-135x 26x-170x 30x-203x 18.2 to 2.7 0.72 to 0.11 16x - 109x 34x - 225x 12.7 to 1.9 0.5 to 0.07 23x - 155x 48x - 321x
Auxiliary Lens 2x (WD=26mm / 1.0 inch) 13x-90x 20x-136x 26x-180x 34x-226x 40x-270x 13.6 to 2 0.54 to 0.08 22x - 145x 45x - 300x 9.6 to 1.4 0.38 to 0.06 31x - 207x 64x - 429x

Video Coupler Options 0.35x, 0.5x or 1x

Actual images are captured at 6 megapixels (3264x1836). Click the thumbnail to expand.

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